The biggest problem with the Old Republic is how it plays Star Wars Knights

Among the many major surprises brought by the display case loaded with top-notch announcements, the unveiling of the Star Wars Knights remake of the Old Republic is close to earth-shattering. Although we hardly saw any substantive content from Aspyr and Lucasfilm Games’ projects, I was also excited about the opportunity to play games. Even if this is a game, I have started and failed a dozen times. This remake is an opportunity for salvation between me and KOTOR. My main worry and entry barrier is expected to be reworked: user experience.

As an extended RPG from the original Xbox, Knights of the Old Republic is ambitious. You can see Bioware’s design ideas from this game through Mass Effect and Dragon Age, but the aspects of these games on KOTOR are the user interface and controls, which I can analyze and tolerate for a long time. However, this makes sense. The mass effect did not appear until many years after the fact. Over time, courses and techniques have been integrated and developed to make the battle more interesting and the menu easier to navigate, all of which will not return to the classic Star Wars role-playing game in subsequent iterations.

Starting KOTOR after the Sony incident reminded me of unstable cameras and clumsy menu navigation to launch attacks or perform trivial tasks such as unlocking doors. This battle begins before you reach any battle at the Spire of Endal, which makes me wonder why I should try again. More game time will undoubtedly ease the pain, as in past attempts, but now Aspyr promises to remake from scratch, I will stop this galaxy adventure until I see more.

I have only heard good news about the characters and stories of this game, but whether it’s the console or the platform, whether it’s a PC, Xbox, or even on my iPad, I haven’t seen the whole thing and why It is universal. I hope that Aspyr will not just apply a new coat of paint to KOTOR, and then it will be over. I would love to see how players interact with battles, equipment menus, dialogue systems, and even a complete redesign of how the Plazaak game in the universe is presented. For me, the higher the level of modernization, the less the game will be affected by the Jedi and the Sith story, and the better the effect.

Star Wars Knights of the Old Republic Remake is being developed for PlayStation 5, released as an exclusive console, but will also enter the PC.

What changes do you hope to see in this new version of KOTOR? Has it always been perfect, and do I need to overcome the interface barriers of this legendary game? I bet someone has an opinion on this, so please feel free to share with me respectfully in the comments.