The Binding of Isaac: Confession enters the game console this week

We finally know when the huge confession expansion of “The Binding of Isaac” will enter the game console. Creator Edmund McMillen announced on Twitter that it will launch PlayStation, Xbox and Switch versions this Thursday.

If there is no calendar near you, it will be November 4. In terms of specific platforms, “Confession” is about to land on PlayStation 5 and 4, Xbox Series X/S and Switch. If you feel left out on Xbox One, Macmillan assures players that the game will land on the console “soon.” He also said that he expects the physical retail version to be launched soon.

The Binding of Isaac: Repentance was launched on PC in March of this year. Although not a sequel, it is a massive expansion of the original game (and its final update), adding many features and quality of life improvements. These include more than 130 new items, more than 5,000 new room designs, 100 additional enemies and more than 25 new bosses. You can also control two new playable characters and get more than 100 additional achievements. Repentance even has a complete alternative path, including new chapters, final bosses and endings.

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