The Bloober team reveals a new layer of fear games in 2022

The Bloober Team was recently called the studio behind The Medium and Observer, but it all started with its Layers of Fear franchise. The studio announced during the Tokyo Game Show that it will launch the third game of the series in 2022, returning to its roots.

The new game is currently unnamed, but it is being produced using Unreal Engine 5. The trailer creates an uncomfortable atmosphere, while ostensibly showing the graphical fidelity assumed by the game.

The first two “Fear Layer” games were released in 2016 and 2019. Each tells a psychological horror story set in a haunted area, which constantly deforms and changes shape, disrupting the player’s perception. In the first game, you control a painter to work hard to complete his latest masterpiece. The sequel lets you play the role of a Hollywood actor and star in a movie on a cruise ship. Although they are not the most popular games (please read our review of Layers of Fear and Layers of Fear 2), the series definitely has its fans. Hope the Bloober team has learned the valuable lessons and can apply it To the third entry.

The Bloober Team also reiterated that it has two unannounced AAA games in development. The studio previously stated that the scope of these games is larger than the previous game, The Medium. The Bloober Team has also been dispelling rumors that one of the games is the new Silent Hill project in the past few months.

Are you excited about the new fear level game? What improvements would you like to see in the third game? Let us know in the comments!