The Bloober team teases the next entry in the “fear layer” universe

The third part of Layers of fear The series is in production, and the Bloober team has released the Unreal Engine 5 trailer shown on TGS 2021.

The first layer of fear was released in 2016 and is a unique interpretation of the first-person psychological horror experience. From the perspective of a painter obsessed with completing his Magnum Opus, after its release, the winning work was extended with a story DLC called Inheritance. In it, the artist’s daughter returned to her childhood home and faced her past.

In 2019, the team released the indirect sequel “Layers of Fear 2”, which tells the story of a Hollywood actor who followed the director’s call and starred in a movie shot on an ocean liner. The task of the game is to allow you to explore the world around you, during which you need to discover your past and reveal why you were selected for this movie. The only problem is that you don’t know if your memory is deceiving you or is part of the movie.

The Bloober Team is responsible for other psychological horror games, such as Blair Witch, Observer, its redesigned Observer System Redux version, and the studio’s latest version, The Medium.

“Layers of Fear is a breakthrough project for us-it paved the way for the Bloober Team, started our rapid development, and allowed us to explore more stories we want to tell,” the studio CEO Piotr Babiebo said.

“I am really happy that we are back in this world and become smarter and more experienced. It is important for me to announce this during the Tokyo Olympics, because for many of us, Japan is a psychological horror game. Cradle.

In addition to the next “Fear Layer”, the studio is also working on two AAA-level games, one in production and one in pre-production.