The central zone of the division and the remake of the Prince of Persia have been postponed

In yesterday’s second quarter financial earnings conference call, Ubisoft Announced postponement Central Zone with Prince of Persia: Sands of Time Remastered Exceed their original startup window.

These games were originally supposed to be launched in the company’s current fiscal year (until March 2022), but the French publisher now asserts that these games will be launched before the end of the next fiscal year, subject to the game’s potential release date March 31, 2023 instead.

The delayed news is not surprising. After all, Ubisoft has previously pointed out that the contents of The Division and The Division 2 will not be displayed during E3 in 2021. The company separately assured players that we will not see a remake of “Prince of Persia: Sands of Time” at E3 in 2021. Both of these announcements prompted the media and the public to question whether each game will have its original release plan. .

The Division: Heartland is an independent free survival game from Ubisoft. At the time of writing, little is known about it. We do know that the development is led by Red Storm Entertainment, a studio closely related to the Tom Clancy license and has participated in The Division and The Division 2.

The Prince of Persia: Sands of Time Remastered Edition was announced in September 2020. Although the game was originally scheduled to be released in January 2021, it was postponed to March 2021 at the end of last year. Since then, it has been postponed to a “later date”. This marks the third delay in the title…we want to know if it is possible to get more?

Rocksmith+, a music education subscription service for game consoles and PCs, has also been postponed until the end of March 2023, with an undecided date.

We also heard recently that the next major update and new game mode of The Division 2 will be postponed to February 2022. Back in the summer, the company also postponed the extraction of “Knights Republic” and “Rainbow Six” for a few months.

If you are frustrated that all these games have been postponed (again), why not take comfort from the fact that Ubisoft is entering blockchain games?