The cheapest way to book Deathloop in Australia

Deathloop is the next immersive simulation game by Dishonored and Prey studio Arkane, but it is completely different from the previous gems. This is not science fiction or steampunk: this is a work from the 1960s, starring Colt, a soldier who must kill eight targets within 24 hours and transform into an assassin. Quite a feat, right? Well, the time loop in the Groundhog Day style cycle should make things a little easier.

Deathloop’s PC release date is September 14, 2021, but given that Microsoft now owns Bethesda, it will also be released exclusively as a PS5 console-embarrassing. We’ve seen quite a lot of games running, and fans of Arkane’s improvisational method of solving problems at will feel at home: check out our information center for all the information you need to know about Deathloop.