The chief designer of Diablo II’s resurrection said on Switch “I think it runs like butter”

Venture Beat interviewed Rob Gallerani, the lead designer from Vicarious Visions, and Kevin Todisco, the lead graphics engineer, who have been working on Diablo II: the resurrected Nintendo Switch port. The two were asked how the Switch version compares to other platforms. Gallerani replied that the game currently runs like butter in handheld mode. The biggest problem is how to make everything clear and easy to read in portable mode. He and Todisco explained that they spent a lot of time making sure that the Switch version of Diablo 2: Resurrection was not just a simple port of the PC version.

GamesBeat: With all these different versions appearing, and because we have seen some other multi-platform versions of games, among which the Switch version may be struggling, how does the Switch version of Diablo II work now? How did it perform?

Galerani: I think it runs like butter. I like to play it in unplugged portable mode. But yes, for all our game consoles, we are all built for this experience. We don’t want it to feel like we are just porting PC games to the console. We hope it fits the console. We considered a lot of things on the Switch, especially if you play it in portable mode. Everything is much smaller. It’s just the overall concern such as how big the font is? How are things arranged on the screen? These are all things that must cater to the device in order to take advantage of its advantages.

Todisco: The same is true for many 3D visual effects. It is tailoring the experience for smaller screens, and if you dock the console, you can swap the handheld screen for a larger screen. For each platform, we ensure that we customize the technology to provide the best experience on that particular platform. The Switch version is still good. I think people will like it and be able to use it on the road for the first time.

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