The Company of Heroes 3 video dives into the development process and shows the new footage

Relics will release various Company of Heroes 3 The developer’s diary during the game development process, the first part of the series has been released.

In it, you will have an in-depth understanding of Relic’s development process and how the studio established a community committee. You will also hear comments from developers and community members who have worked closely with Relic throughout the game development process. Long before the game was announced, community members had helped provide meaningful feedback about the game.

The video also shows some new game graphics, concept art, and assets under development.

“Company of Heroes 3” will be released on PC in 2022, but before that, Relic Entertainment hopes to listen to players’ opinions through its CoH-Development platform.

Since the game was first released in July 2021, the CoH-Dev community has grown significantly, with 200,000 players currently registered to help shape the future of the game. If you are interested in participating, You can still register Used for CoH-Development powered by Games2Gether.

The background of “Company of Heroes 3” is a brand new battlefield in the Mediterranean, where you can look forward to various locations such as Italian mountain passes, North African deserts and coastal areas.

New features enhance gameplay and create “the deepest tactical experience to date.” It has a dynamic battle map that allows you to command ground, air, and naval forces, and establish supply lines in the battle for you to lead the Allied forces to recapture the Italian mainland from the Axis forces.

In the single player mode, the full tactical pause allows you to choose the rhythm, allowing you to freeze the action. You can also coordinate all actions at the same time, allowing you to consider each action in detail without having to perform all actions in real time.

The game also has real new tactics, factions, and many stories about World War II. The choices you make will not only affect the battles you have, but also the story of the war itself.