The comparison video shows Nvidia’s new DLAA technology and TAA and DLSS in The Elder Scrolls Online

A week ago, it was reported that “The Elder Scrolls Online” would be the first game to showcase NVIDIA’s deep learning anti-aliasing function. This technology is based on the same idea as Nvidia’s DLSS (entering The Elder Scrolls Online at the same time), but without improving performance, DLAA uses AI upgrades to improve image quality-reducing jagged edges when running at your original resolution, where DLSS is Run the game at a lower resolution and use magnification to make it less obvious.

DLAA and DLSS are broadcast live on ESO’s public test server, and MxBenchmarkPC has some shots for comparison with regular time anti-aliasing. The video above was taken on a GeForce RTX 3080 at maximum settings, with motion blur and depth of field turned off.