The Conjuring: The Devil Made Me Do It Review: A solid horror franchise gets stuck

On paper The Conjuring When it comes to horror, the movie is a pretty old hat, which sounds boring. With less generous reading, they return to the same “true ghost-based” feed they gave us. Amityville horror And its many impersonators.But to see They brilliantly explain why creativity is not as important as practice. James Wan, who directed the first two films, is heavily responsible for the distinctive look of the franchise. He brought decades of horror career and understated image knack to the depiction of the series of supernatural investigators Ed and Lorraine Warren (played by Patrick Wilson and Vera Farmiga). His talent has created a horror franchise that feels richer than most of them, despite being continuously mined for spin-offs. Unfortunately the latest work is The Conjuring The Devil let me do it, Lacking both the direction and richness of Wan making the first two The Conjuring The movie is a lot of fun.

Directed by Michael Chaves (formerly The Conjuring spin off La Llorona’s curse, His feature-length debut) The new film is of Arne Cheyenne Johnson, a notorious nationally reported murder in which Johnson made the infamous claim that “the devil made me do it” in his defense. It is based on the actual trial. This was the first time that demonic possession was used as the accused’s innocent legal basis. (It didn’t stick.) The Conjuring A movie based on the case of Mr. and Mrs. Warren, The Conjuring The Devil Gives Me Do It We presume that Johnson’s property is genuine and build a horror story based on that presumption.

The Conjuring The Devil made me Do It It differs from the previous movie in that it is not a haunted house movie. It’s a more creepy mystery. The actual event is not important — the 30 minutes of the opening omits the backstory of Johnson’s case. In the prologue, Johnson witnesses his brother’s demon ex during during, but fails badly and becomes the property of Johnson. Shortly thereafter, he killed the landlord, was charged with charges, and was imprisoned. At this point, the Warrens begin an investigation to prove to the court that Johnson is a victim of demonic possession.

Photo: Ben Rothstein / Warner Bros.

With this setup The Conjuring It feels like a supernatural detective movie, as the Warrens link Johnson’s belongings with other murders in the area and begin to suspect that someone is inviting the presence of the devil to fuel violent crimes. This is a pretty good idea and a decent change in the pace of the series.But The Conjuring The Devil Duits Me Under this new structure, we are struggling to reach the heights of previous films.

Wilson and Farmiga continue to bring a rare human touch to something that can be created with less hands. The Conjuring The film feels like an ironic attempt to profit from a successful horror franchise, as opposed to a really interesting film about paranormal investigators. Perhaps that’s because the actors don’t look like traditional horror protagonists. They’re middle-aged heroes in a genre preferred by young people, and they survive thanks to the way the movie frontloads the true story. It is guaranteed. Angle. However, Wilson and Farmiga’s sympathetic and delicate performances help the audience care for the Warrens and, by extension, the victims of the case under investigation.

The Conjuring The Devil made me Do It You cannot make the most of that empathy. After a promising opening, Chaves’ director avoids the line between horror and supernatural crime stories and effectively blends the two. The clever shots of the shower curtain sticks that hide the devil’s claws and the illusions in the waterbed, the early visual strokes of the genius are thrown away after the dark set, and the dark set after the dark set. Priority will be given. Bring them to life.

And, despite their best efforts, Farmiga and Wilson have not been given a script that portrays the Warrens’ connection and dedication to each other. Unlike the first two films that work for, Ed Warren’s lack of trust The Conjuring, Their state of marriage The Conjuring 2 — The two sides feel loosely connected The devil made me do it.

The Conjuring: The Devil Made Me Do It's calm blue light with a stern look

Photo: Ben Rothstein / Warner Bros.

The result is the main line The Conjuring Oddly enough, a movie that feels like one of the many spin-offs of the franchise. In less than 2 hours The Conjuring The Devil made me Do It None of them are actually divided in too many directions to do justice-inciting possession, a serial killer-style mystery that sends the Warrens, and the gloomy lip service it gives to their relationship. — None of them land with force. The ConjuringLast demon-paying scene, or haunts as effectively The Conjuring 2The crooked man will be the focus of the next spin-off movie.

Do not do this The Conjuring The Devil Gives Me Do It Bad, inevitably. It’s a movie that doesn’t fit that pedigree.As much as possible The Conjuring Now a mega franchise — there are 5 spin-offs, including hits. Annabel Trilogy — Thanks to the central One Wilson Farmiga trilogy, I was able to avoid feeling like one for a long time. Finally, The Conjuring The Devil made me Do ItAttempts to rock the franchise with a new director fail and risk losing soul, like the youth at the heart of that supernatural horror.

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