The connection and connection between Eternals of Thanos and Eros of Harry Styles, explained

with Eternal race, The MCU shifted to a more cosmic focus, from Thanos to a new set of galactic monsters, including the gods.

But in Marvel comics, Thanos and Eternal Race have a strong connection, which may open up a new path for the next stage of Marvel movies.After a Eternal race The ending scene calls the connection silently, let’s talk about how Thanos enters stage 4, even though his story seems to be over.

[Ed. note: This piece contains spoilers for Marvel’s Eternals.]

The Timeless Genealogy of Thanos


In the comics, Thanos is an eternal and comes from a very important lineage: his father Alyas is the son of Cronus, who ruled the earth after a civil war that split the primitive colony. . After the death of his father, Al’ars traveled the universe as a mentor.

This brought him to Saturn’s moon Titan and its own eternal race. There, he found that the entire planet was destroyed in an eternal civil war with a survivor-Titan Eternal Suisang. The two used genetic devices to rebuild the Titans and repopulated them with new eternal creatures called Titans; they are stronger than the original Titan Eternals and can live longer, but they are still surpassed by the Earth Eternals.

In the end, Sui Shan and Olas had two children of their own: Eros (we will find him) and Thanos.

Not eternal, not yet deviant

Thanos is eternal, yes, but he is also a deviant. Why? Because of heredity!

Look, Eternals and Deviant are made from the same batch, which means there will be some crossovers eventually. The eternal person who acquired similar abnormal mutations was later called “abnormal syndrome”, or the appearance of Thanos’ purple skin and ridged jaw. (Of the two sons, he is the only one with this situation; Eros looks like an ordinary eternal, which is something that Thanos naturally hates his brother.) And because of the evil of anomalous and their creatures Learning about it (oops), Thanos’ appearance was so terrified that she went crazy when she first saw him after giving birth, and wanted to kill him (yes!).

At present Eternal race Running out of Kieron Gillen and Esad Ribić, the genius Phastos discovered that Thanos is actually a “true eternity”, just like everyone else. It is not clear what this means for the character’s future. Gillen and Ribić’s next arc will continue the story of Thanos, who will be called “Eternal master. ”

Let’s talk about love god

Created by Jim Starlin and first appeared in 1973 Invincible Iron Man #55, Eros is the younger brother of Thanos. With his beautiful appearance and the ability to control the emotions of others, Eros is both a superhero named Starfox and a huge bastard. If he is not helping the Avengers in a crisis, then he is enjoying hellish hedonism in space.

Like many fictional brothers, the two do not like each other, and Thanos often catches and tortures Eros. Sometimes they do get along well: they once had to work together to defeat Thanos’ future self, and they truce once a year and give each other gifts.

What does this mean for the MCU?

Salma Hayek, Angelina Jolie, Richard Madden, Madden, Ma Dongxi, Brian Terry Henry, Kummer Nanjiani, Lauren Lee Delof, Barry Keohan and Leah McHugh; In the Eternal Race (2021)

Image: Marvel Studio

Eternal race The first subtitled scene shows Thena, Makkari, and Druid on their ship, and they realize that Sersi, Phastos, Kingo, and Sprite have been taken away by the celestial body Arisham. Before they made a plan, they were interrupted by Eros played by Harry Styles. Eros was clearly introduced by his partner Pip (Barton Oswalt) as the brother of Thanos, and he offered to help the Eternal Race save their friends. And his fuckboi nature seems to be intact because his introduction is set to “Feel like the first time“Then he flirted with Thena.

Since the movie ends with the standard “Eternal One Will Return…” promise, now Eros may also be included in it.If this movie is successful, Styles may be locked Eternal Race 2, It may even be his own movie or show. (Of course, his absence in the entire Infinity Saga is enough for both.) How he connects with Celestials and his overall goal in the MCU remains to be seen, like whether Thanos will appear in the Marvel brothers and sisters again The quarrel between them is the same. Either way, Eternals has new allies of its own to fight Celestials. There is no doubt that people who will eventually bring them some trouble.