The creator of Battlefield 2042 Battle Royale explains how he made a mode that DICE considered impossible

Battlefield 2042 did not land so much, because the wingsuit crashed at such a speed that its limbs were still rolling in the snow. However, what keeps these limbs intact is the excellent portal mode, which allows players to use the entire series of maps and equipment to create games with custom rules. Warfield 100, “The Complete Battle Royale Experience”, Perhaps its best creation so far.

Warfield 100 creator Christian Muhler-owns an independent game studio A duck theory And is a self-proclaimed “masochist who plays the PC version with a controller”-implemented dozens of custom rules to make the mode work. Many are weird but clever workarounds, squeezing large amounts of custom code into Portal’s very limited tool set. This mode has a circle that closes every two minutes, ground loot, and even a war zone-style prison, giving you a chance to return to the game after death.