The creators of the Bobcat Academy fanfiction want CD Projekt to offer “something better” for The Witcher 4

Discover what if from a serious story skyrimDragonborn Become Emperor of Tamrielor propose Deacon from Fallout 4 In fact, the protagonist of Fallout 3 has changed his faceto the humorous story surrounding Geralt of Rivia addicted and art illustrates the inevitable consequences of deep sexual tensions Disco ElysiumDetectives, look at any popular RPG community and you’ll find fans adding their own flair to their favorite franchises through the medium of fan fiction.

The work of fan fiction is almost never overshadowed by the mainstream news coverage surrounding their respective franchises. They’re often seen as something to make your own gameplay more fun, but provide a shaky foundation for building theory. That’s why the recent events surrounding the Witcher series and Lynx School are so interesting: it started out as a simple fanfiction article on the Witcher wiki, then suddenly got caught up in CD Projekt Red’s announcement of its next game. Teleport into the spotlight.

However, for wizarding fan fiction writers SMiki55one of the two authors of Lynx School Fanfiction and Witcher190 together, the past few weeks haven’t been busier than usual.

“I was initially concerned that some people looking for information about the new school might mistake our fanfiction for a canon, but luckily many longtime Witcher fans were able to notice that the information was posted on the fandom wiki, and It’s not official,” SMiki55 said. “In the days following the announcement, I edited the author’s template so that the banner visible in each article indicated that the text was non-classical.”

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This may come as a surprise to outside observers, as the expectation is that when a funny (but obscure) fanfiction suddenly becomes closely tied to one of the biggest gaming news stories of the year, it will spark a wave of speculation from all types of audiences And the media, the same attention will be directed to its authors.

The story behind the Bobcat School fanfiction is certainly interesting and somewhat ironic, as SMiki55 admitted to being skeptical about the benefits of adding more schools when The Witcher 3 was released, explaining that as the game’s “number of Witcher schools seems to be” increasing, but the legends of many of them remain superficial.”

In SMiki55’s view, this is also an open question. “To be honest, I do think we went a little too far with the dozens of new schools listed there (on the fanon wiki).” Although they also argue that these fanfictions address some of the lack of representation in Andrzej Sapkowski’s original wizarding book.

“If fans feel like they want to be represented by a school that draws inspiration from Japan, India or Central America, why take it from them?”

Regardless, how you feel about your fanfiction being the subject of an instant global conspiracy depends a lot on your personality. For some, it’s their dream thing, going from anonymous online fandom to being at the forefront of breaking news surrounding one of your favorite game franchises, with journalists and fans alike suddenly lining up to hear your opinion on someone You are very enthusiastic.

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On the other hand, some people—who may be more introverted, or just enjoy writing fanfiction for their own use in games—may find this unexpected influx of attention into them intimidating or stressful. Let the public’s critical eyes turn to the work, and you might assume that only a handful of fans will see it as obnoxious. That’s why it’s a bit concerning that CD Projekt didn’t contact fan fiction writers beforehand, as SMiki55 explains: “I got confirmation the same way everyone else: by reading the Eurogamer article citing Robert Malinowski.”

Given that they didn’t explicitly contact the writers behind the Bobcat Academy fanfiction, it’s also surprising that CD Projekt didn’t choose to distance its upcoming game from the fanfiction in a statement shortly after the news was announced, Confirmation that the wizard’s medal included is designed to resemble a lynx – Not an ordinary cat as many guessed. We reached out to CD Projekt RED for comment before this article went live, but the developer has declined to comment at this time.

Assuming this statement was made in part to throw water on the massive speculative fire that erupted around the idea of ​​Ciri as the game’s protagonist, CD Projekt’s confirmation that Lynx School is set in a feature that will be different from the one described in the fanfiction? Especially since many, including SMiki55, already believe this will be the case.

If the Ciri theory is quickly suppressed for fear of disappointing fans if it proves to be inaccurate, is it just as obvious and necessary to take the same steps as the Lynx school theory? As can be seen, the fact that it was not adopted confirms the idea that there will be at least some similarities between the two Lynx schools (i.e. the now official and unofficial schools). However, if this were the case, CD Projekt’s boat could have sailed into murky waters.

On the surface, the idea of ​​using an existing fanfiction as the basis for a new game in any franchise’s story might seem mild: fans get the satisfaction of contributing to the future of what they love, and CD Projekt gets the New games based on new games they know their hardcore fans are interested in ideas. But when the idea of ​​compensation comes into play, things get interesting.

Even if a fan fiction writer like SMiki55 cannot (and will not) claim to own any of the trademarked material contained in their work, if that material is used in the same way that a traditional in-house game writer would do, fan fiction writers should make it for them Some kind of compensation for contributions to what could be a highly lucrative game. See how messed up Ubisoft’s entire Joseph Gordon-Levitt-led plan to crowdsource Beyond Good and Evil 2 content is.

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For SMiki55, the idea of ​​a new Witcher game incorporating a lynx school that mirrors fan fiction isn’t appealing. “Honestly, I’m going to be very disappointed because I hope CDPR will come up with better stories than our mediocre fanfiction,” they explained. Regarding any potential payments or credits in case this happens, SMiki55 added: “It’s up to me and CDPR (and Witcher190). Public wishful thinking doesn’t help anything.”

Whether or not the fanfiction writers involved are compensated, using their work as the basis for The Witcher game may also have implications for the idea of ​​fanfiction writing itself, a practice that has been shunned and demeaned in mainstream circles. a long time. SMiki55 believes that these consequences may be positive or negative.

“It seems conceivable that many fans, especially younger ones, would start writing their own stories and ideas to see them in future installments of their favorite franchises. That’s great! Creativity is what’s important in modern times One of the skills, we should caress and nurture every spark of it. There are some successful book writers who grew up as fan fiction writers.”

However, they also cite some examples of increased engagement from fans of the big franchise, which mentions War between Games Workshop and Warhammer fans over the use of IP in fan animations and Star Wars fans treat actors like Kelly Marie TranSMiki55 is particularly concerned with the latter example, as “this threat of ‘militant fans’ is also looming among some of The Witcher’s fans, as has been seen with comments bombarding CDPR or harassing the POC cast of The Witcher TV series. I do hope that the chosen few don’t dominate the frenzy of the franchise that I love and care about.”

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Perhaps, in the future, the career path from fan fiction writers to game writers will become more common, and game companies will seek more help from people who want to understand both their RPG stories and their aspirations. The fan base they hope to cater to. Or, in an industry already rife with union-busting executives and anti-consumer behavior, it could develop into another controversial avenue for exploiting enthusiasts without adequate compensation.

Whatever the future holds, at least for now we can revel in the fact that CD Projekt may well open the door for us to dream of a Witcher game with stories like Dandelion shares a bed with his wizard friend a little awkwardly, Geralt had ginger hair before his mutation took effector the white wolf finally completed his retirement from the wizarding profession and became the fate of the “Witcher” daytime show host. “The Geralt Springer Show” can become reality.

After all, as SMiki55 puts it: “Fan fiction is healthy as long as it doesn’t turn into a shipping war.”