The creators of the SaGa series hint at possible remakes, remakes and new games

SaGa series creator Akitoshi Kawazu revealed that remakes, remakes and new games may be in progress.

First report Kotaku, Hejin Tweet Yesterday, I thank SaGa fans for their support in 2021, teasing what might happen in 2022. According to Google’s translation service, Hejin’s tweet also revealed some exciting game development works.

“We will work on various things so that we can also support 2022,” Google’s translation of the Hejin tweet wrote. “We will do our best not only to manage the service, but also to reproduce, reproduce and produce new works so that we can deliver the good news to everyone.”

It should be noted that Google’s translation services are not always correct. For example, some contexts that may be obtained through real translations by translators are sometimes missed. Having said that, it is difficult to accept this Google translation word by word, but the overall point seems obvious: Hejin is teasing the remake, remake and some “new” things.

Hejin is now an executive of Square Enix, but the Shaka series is still his pride and joy, because he developed the first path shortly after he became the co-author of Final Fantasy in 1989. The first SaGa game is called “Final Fantasy Legend” in the West, but is called Makai Toushi SaGa in Japan. KotakuSince then, more than 15 Shaka games have been released, of which the 2019 “Empire Shaka: Eclipse” is the latest in the series (if not counting the “Shaka Border Remake” released this year) .

Only time will tell whether remakes, remakes and new games are really on the way, but in any case, now is a good time to become a fan of Hejin’s works.While waiting (hopefully) to learn more, read about why Game informant The editor thinks that the reason why the SaGa series is willing to be different makes it so special, then take a look at this Game informant During the interview, we discussed JRPG, Western capabilities, etc. with the producers of the SaGa series.

[Source: Kotaku]

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