The danger zone of Battlefield 2042 is finally explained in detail-Tarkov has encountered the dark zone of the division

Only a few weeks before the release, we finally know what it is Battlefield 2042The danger zone is how it will play, and more. Thanks to the new game trailer, we even saw it for the first time.

Before the trailer was released, DICE and VG247 shared the game details of the danger zone, which sounded as exciting as all these leaks.

The story of this model begins after the blackout in 2040, the number of global satellites has been reduced by 70%. Instead, superpowers launch low-orbit satellites to gather intelligence. These satellites were then forcibly shot down by various factions onto territories controlled by the United States and Russia to obtain the valuable intelligence they contained. As a No-Pat team, you and others will be inserted into these locations to get as much information as possible before extraction.

Hazard Zone is a squad-based mode played on the All-Out Warfare multiplayer map. It supports 24 players on PS4 and Xbox One, and 32 players on PC, PS5 and Xbox Series X/S. Players can form a four-person team consisting of game experts, but each team can only have one.

All teams are competing for the data drives contained in the crashed satellite, with the goal of catching as many of them as possible and evacuating before the storm creates a no-fly zone and makes it impossible.

Protecting these crashed satellites is an AI squad made up of different factions, and you need to decide whether it is worth competing with them for drives and possibly exposing yourself to other players.

During the game, more satellites will crash, which contain more valuable drives.

Matching process

Before the start of the danger zone game, you will listen to a briefing about the intelligence you want to track, the people who might protect it, the location of the uplink, and other relevant details. Here you will also see where you will be generated, because you will not be able to choose where to drop.

Each game provides two time-limited withdrawals that occur in different stages. Only one squad can be used for each extraction, which means that at most two squads will survive a round.

The extraction locations are random, but their timing is not. The first one is about halfway through the game, a few minutes later. The second and last withdrawal is open at the end of the game. This is the riskier option because this is everyone’s last chance. When you reach the evacuation point, you must fight other people trying to get on the plane. Even if only one member of your squad successfully evacuated, you will still be rewarded.

If you die in the danger zone, you will lose everything you carry. However, before you are completely dead, you will enter a fallen but not out state, where you can resurrect, similar to a battle royale game. If your teammates cannot bring you back to life, they can still use any reinforcement uplinks around the map to bring you back. You can also buy some kind of equipment and bring it into the game so you can bring back your teammates without the need for an uplink.

You are not necessarily encouraged to kill other players in the danger zone; the main goal of this mode is to use the largest number of data drives for extraction. You can choose to equip the Intel Scanner Gadget, which will show the approximate location of the drives-but this may get you into a trap because they may be held by opponent players.

Meta game

The danger zone meta game revolves around intelligence gathered from data drives. After successful extraction, the intelligence will become dark market points-a currency only in the danger zone, which can be used to obtain weapons, gadgets and unique danger zone upgrades before the game starts.

The more successful the extraction you perform, the higher the continuity of your extraction. In turn, this unlocks the discount on DMC purchases and is reflected in your profile.

At the time of release, there will be 15 tactical upgrades to obtain. Two of them-initial armor (starting with +20 armor) and negotiated bounty 1 (AI kills to get more than 50% points)-are free, and the other 13 will use part of the DMC you get.

Here are 13:

  • Squad Reinforcement: A portable, one-time use reinforcement uplink that can bring back dead squad members.
  • Data storage: Double the data drive carrying capacity.
  • Biometric scanning: The time to find the enemy is increased by 50%.
  • Ammunition increase 1: Add a magazine to your main weapon.
  • Increased ammunition 2: Two additional magazines for the main weapon.
  • Throwable objects increased by 1: Carry an additional throwable object.
  • Throwable objects increased by 2: Carry two additional throwable objects.
  • Quickdraw Leather Case: The speed of switching weapons is increased by 15%.
  • Equipment insurance: If you die, 50% of the equipment and tactical upgrade costs will be compensated.
  • Faster treatment 1: The treatment speed is increased by 20%.
  • Faster treatment 2: The treatment speed is increased by 50%.
  • Insider information: Display the location of the Data Capsule drives 30 seconds before they land.
  • Table transaction: 100% extra credit reward for the withdrawn Dara Drives.

Hazard Zone is one of three different experiences offered when “Battlefield 2042” is released. The other two are the bread and butter of the series: Total War, as well as community-driven modifications and custom server kits, battlefield portals.

“Battlefield 2042” will land on PC, PS4, PS5, Xbox One and Xbox Series X/S on November 19.