The danger zone of Battlefield 2042 will finally be revealed tomorrow

DICE is almost ready to show off the third pillar Battlefield 2042The developer announced that the first trailer for the model will be available on Thursday 8 a.m. Pacific time, 11 a.m. EST, 4 p.m. UK.

When the studio first launched Battlefield 2042, it stated that the game consists of three main independent experiences. The first is a standard full-scale war, including conquest and breakthrough. Then there is the community-driven Battlefield Portal, which is both an advanced custom server creator and a mod tool.

The danger zone, the third and last experience, has been a mystery ever since. When the game is postponed, we want to know whether the danger zone itself has been postponed. We still don’t have the answer to this particular question, but we will finally see the danger zone tomorrow.

DICE previously hinted at the nature of the model, but leaks and data mining provided some details. According to those people, the danger zone is a mixture of escape from takov and hunt: Showdown, which are two permanently dead games where players compete with each other and compete with artificial intelligence to complete goals and extract.

Based on how long the preview will last tomorrow, we will definitely know if any of them are true. The trailer premiere is embedded on it, so bookmark this page and watch it tomorrow.