The DC Super Pet League game starring Krypto and Ace is scheduled to be released in 2022

We all like a good video game dog.From Fallout 4 Dog meat Under the legendBig dog, to animal CrossingIsabel and the Rhythm Game icon Rapper Palapa Fame. But let’s face it- Tengu It’s really its place, and no children’s games about dogs will replace its place.

But there is a new entrant in this field. It was announced on Saturday in the children’s content section of DC FanDome, DC Alliance Super Pets: The Adventures of Krypton and Ace You will play the role of “Super Dog” Krypto and “Bat Hound” Ace. It is scheduled to be released in 2022 to complement the Warner Bros. children’s film that will be released this summer.

Super pet meDeveloped by Outright Games, the company has produced versions of famous family-friendly series of games, such as Peppa Pig, Jumanji, The Addams Family and Spirit (part of the horse girl classic). This is not their first children’s game starring a dog, because they also adapted the terrible Paw Patrol franchise.

According to reports, Krypto and Ace will fly into the sky to “protect the animals of the metropolis from new and imminent threats.” Outright Games websiteThe game will “let the player fall into the paws of these super pets”.

In the trailer, Krypto jumped off the side of the building wearing his little Superman cape and announced Here we grumble” with a strange low voice. Next is a standard orbital action game in which Krypto fires lasers from his eyeballs at oncoming machines. He also ran across the street rushing things. From the graphics From the perspective, this game looks on par with other Outright Games games, with fascinating bright streets and simple 3D design. Kids might like it.

I have many problem. If Krypton has thermal vision, why does he only save pets in the city? Is he also weak to kryptonite? Is he and Ace in love? Can I teach my own dog how to punch? I will never find out.