The director of Best Final Fantasy will release his first new game in 15 years

The game in this trailer looks no big deal. Really, it seems to be the furthest away from the big thing: just a small experimental game released in some way by Square Enix. But to me, this is more important than anything Square Enix has done over the years-bigger than Final Fantasy 7 Remake or Final Fantasy 16 or Guardians of the Galaxy. That’s because of a name: Hiroyuki Ito.

I think that Square Enix’s game developers have no better resume than Ito. Ito has been working in the company since 1987 for his entire career. From the battle designer of Final Fantasy 4 to the director of Final Fantasy 6, Ito is second only to the series creator and producer Hironobu Sakaguchi. A few years later, Ito directed “Final Fantasy 9”. A few years later, when “Final Fantasy 12” was in trouble, in addition to directing its combat system, he also co-directed.