The director of Castlevania said that “It is very challenging to regularly release the main games of the long-term series”

The Castlevania series has been around for decades, and a large number of games have been released during that time. Recently, Konami has been focusing on publishing previous entries through collections on platforms (including PC and Nintendo Switch). Unfortunately, for new entries, the situation is more complicated.

According to Castlevania director Yota Tsutsumizaki’s comments on Axios, Tsutsumizaki said: “I can’t comment on the company’s business, but in general, it is very challenging to release the main works of a long-term series. Regularly.” Tsutsusumizaki also mentioned that “Mr. Igarashi’s retirement from Konami has nothing to do with the extended interval between series releases”. For Konami’s new Castlevania game, Tsutsumizaki said, “I think it depends on what our users say.”