The director’s cut version of “Death Stranding” will be released on PC this spring

The PC version of “Death Stranding” director’s cut version has been announced and will be launched this spring.

It was released by 505 Games, the same publisher as the original version of Death Stranding on PC last July, and it will be released on Steam and Epic game stores at the same time. The news was announced during Intel’s ongoing Consumer Electronics Show today. Kojima Production’s latest game will utilize Intel’s XeSS super sampling technology.

Released exclusively as PlayStation 5 in September last year, Director’s Cut includes all the content included in the original version of Death Stranding, which was first launched on PlayStation 4 in 2019 and then on PC in 2020, as well as improvements and new mechanisms related to graphics and performance , And new content.

In terms of new content and mechanisms, Death Stranding Director’s Cut has a rocket stabilizer, similar to Iron Man’s repellent. These allow him to hover a few feet above the ground, making it easier to traverse rugged terrain or descend from steep mountains. There is also a new catapult that can launch packages from a long distance, and a new robot companion that can store some packages for you. If this is not enough, the protagonist Sam can also do some disgusting tricks in the air while taking off from his motorcycle ramp. In addition, you can also drive motorcycles and new and returned vehicles to challenge for a limited time on the new track.

New facilities and missions are added to the battle, leaving Death Stranding with more metal gear-style things to do. The core of them is to sneak into facilities and mule camps, but don’t worry-if things go south, the new weapon will stun your enemies without actually killing them (let’s go, BTs). Sam’s living quarter also has some new content. In other words, you can replay any boss battle from there and check your performance scores against the aforementioned bosses and other players in the world. In addition, eight new songs have been added to the game’s soundtrack.

For more information, check out the trailer shown last year and find out why Game informant The editor believes that the director’s cut version of “Death Stranding” is worth traveling across the United States again. Check out our thoughts on the original version Game informant After the death stranded comments.

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