The DLC of the original “Ghost Recon” and its sequel can be kept for free

To celebrate the 20th anniversary of Tom Clancy’s Ghost Recon, Ubisoft will give away the original game and several of its sequels DLC-the Fallen Ghost add-on for Ghost Recon Wasteland in 2017, and the Deep State Adventure Breakpoint for Ghost Recon in 2019.All three products will be available on Ubisoft Connect before October 11th, and instructions on how to obtain them are in Giveaway page.

The reputation of the original “Ghost Recon” is quite good. At that time, Li C Guo gave it 93 points in his review. He said: “You will feel like you are in a war movie. For a second you are enjoying the beauty and beauty of the forest. Quiet, the next moment the sky is burning with explosions and gunfire, and you are in the greatest firefight of your life.”