The EA, as with Respawn, leaves Codemasters to its own device.

By Dom Peppiatt
May 18, 2021 11:34 GMT

EA Guaranteed to: Code master After the acquisition, you can maintain that personality and personality in much the same way. Respawn I’m waiting.

In February 2021, the acquisition of $ 1.2 billion by EA of the British studio group Codemasters was completed.

The acquisition has been going on for some time, and EA has surpassed Take-Two to become an iconic racing game developer. However, there was concern that once the deal was signed, EA would be forced to fold the studio to that rank and make it a more corporate entity.

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Andrew Wilson, CEO of Electronic Arts, said the publisher has no intention of changing the newly acquired studio, and its goal is actually to promote Codemasters independence.

“Like Respawn, our orientation is not about taking over Codemasters. Our orientation is not about turning Codemasters into another Electronic Arts studio. Our orientation is about providing opportunities.” Wilson said. MCV (via VGC).

“This industry is all about amazing creative talent, and we see little benefit in indoctrination of that amazing creative talent, but what we get from our position in the industry. I want to give them access to. “

Wilson further states that EA has an “amazing cupboard” that includes a myriad of IPs, the latest technology, marketing resources, and a built-in player base. He suggests that the EA simply passes a “set of keys” to the code master to access these tools, much like publishers do with Respawn.

And that’s the feeling that Codemasters CEO Frank Sagnier agrees with. “EA will scale with sales and marketing muscles, live services expertise, state-of-the-art analytics platforms, EA Access, EA Play and Origin. It’s wealth, “Sagnier told MCV. ..

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