The Elden Ring story trailer is here, making you even more depressed

Publisher Bandai Namco And the developer From software A new story trailer has been released Eldon Ring This gives us a deeper understanding of how bloody the universe is.

Before the trailer debuted at this year’s Game Awards show, a real electronic pot boy appeared-for some reason-to give Pope Doritos himself Geoff Keighley some notes about the game’s latest trailer. What followed was an existentially cruel view of the gloomy world of Elden Ring. For your convenience, we have embedded it below.

“What hope does the demigod hope to win by fighting?” a woman asked, seeming to have too many hands. Then we saw some characters enter it in an aggressive way that you would expect from the doomed residents of software games.

It makes sense for George RR Martin to introduce this degree of doom, death, and bleak philosophy into the game. However, none of the additions he made to the game were recent additions: he pointed out earlier this year that his work on “Elden Ring” was completed “a few years ago.”

Originally scheduled to be postponed from January 21 to after 2022, the development time of action RPG is longer, so the development team can bring more “game depth and strategic freedom.”

If you are passionate about saving this doomed world by yourself, don’t worry-time is running out for you and your horse to stop the end of the world. Elden Ring will be launched on PS5, PS4, Xbox Series X, Xbox One and PC on February 25, 2022.