The Elder Scrolls Online will be the first game to use Nvidia’s new DLAA technology

period live Creative Director Rich Lambert showed off the upcoming Deadlands DLC area of ​​”The Elder Scrolls Online” and the changes added in its next base game patch, mentioning that a new Nvidia technology will debut in MMO: deep learning anti-aliasing , Or DLAA. This is like DLSS (The Elder Scrolls Online also got it), but instead of running at a lower resolution to get a frame rate increase, while using AI to upgrade everything to make it still look shiny, DLAA is using the same Deep learning runs at the original resolution at the same time to obtain additional edge smoothness.

“It’s the same concept,” Lambert said, about Live 51 minutes“You won’t get a performance improvement, but you will get absolutely incredible anti-aliasing.” If you want to try DLAA, it will enter the public test server, and after that, as long as update 32 is online, it will become a DLSS together The options used. Of course, a decent Nvidia GPU is necessary. “You need an RTX 2000 or RTX 3000 series card to take advantage of it,” Lambert said.