The Epic Games Store Mega Sale offers free games from NBA 2K21 onwards

TheĀ· Epic Games Store Epic Mega Sale Free games are increasing this year as well NBA 2K21.. The sale will continue until June 17, and Epic will release new free games every week.

NBA 2K21 Released in September 2020. The NBA Playoffs start with a play-in tournament this week, so the timing seems to be perfect for a gift. Any user of the Epic Games Store can request a free copy. NBA 2K21 Simply add the game to your library and you can install it now or later.

NBA 2K21 Epic’s Vault will remain a free game on sale until May 27, 11:00 am EDT, when it unveils a new free title. Free game offers will continue to rotate every Thursday until the end of the mega sale.

In addition to free games, Epic offers players something a little when spending money in the store. Users will receive a $ 10 coupon for entire game purchases of $ 14.99 and above. When a customer uses a $ 10 coupon, they immediately get another coupon. Coupons can be used for standard purchases, Early Access titles, and even pre-purchase. This coupon also applies to pre-purchases you have already made. If a previously purchased game is released during the mega sale, a discount will be applied at the start of the game.