The Expanse shines in the last six episodes

Amazon’s sixth season Vast There will be only six episodes, much shorter than the previous 10 or 13 episodes, but it will still end the series by adapting the sixth novel, Ashes of Babylon, And novella Weird dog.

“It’s difficult to do so much material for six episodes,” the host Naren Shankar said with the actors at the New York Comic Con. “What it gives you is intensity. Each episode feels as intense as possible. You never feel that your foot is off the throttle. When you get to the end, it feels like catharsis.”

Ty Franck and Daniel Abraham co-wrote the Expanse novel under the pseudonym James SA Corey, and they stated that the show still did their work fairly, partly because some of the material in the sixth book appeared in the fifth season.

“We have to write every script, so there is no fat in it,” Frank said. “Nothing is superfluous. We have to tell the story we are going to tell here.”

The story begins with the solar system and the crew of Rocinante falling into turmoil after the devastating attack on the earth by belt leader Keon Alexander and the death of the ship’s pilot, Cas Anvar .

“When we started the sixth season, morale was really low,” said Steven Strait, who played Rocinante captain James Holden. “The war has been stalling. There is a feeling that we have not been anywhere. We have not yet made a breakthrough in a way that makes our efforts feel meaningful.”

One way to test the crew is to join Clarissa Mao, also known as Taozi (Nadine Nicole), a violent criminal, composed of a ship mechanic and a muscular Amos Burton (Wei (Schatham) brought to the boat to seek salvation, she thought she was a kind of relative spirit.

Chatham said: “Amos has been looking for these mentors he believes to make moral choices and provide guidance for his life, but he has grown to the point where he is a peach.” “Now he has someone who is following him and Leading her in a certain way, he began to think about what their mission was. He believed in Holden wholeheartedly, but he began to question what inspired Holden and why we should participate in these large-scale historical movements.”

These questions will also lead to a re-examination of his relationship with Holden’s deputy and lover Naomi (Dominic Tipper), who failed to persuade her son, Jasai Chase Owens, to give up his father’s After extreme strategy, he suffered from post-traumatic stress disorder.

“It was so interesting to play these scenes where Amos and Naomi didn’t get along well with each other,” Tipper said. “She lashed out at everyone around her. When you are destroyed, this is what you did.”

The sixth season will continue to focus on geopolitical conspiracies similar to the real world. United Nations leader Chrisjen Avasarala (Sohreh Aghdashloo) will unite allies and former enemies against Marcos, and Belter Captain Camina Drummer (Cara Gee) believes her family is divided by feelings for Marcos.

“When we see those who come to power in the series, whether it is Marcos or Ava Salara, there will be this kind of violent colonialism,” Ji said. “‘I want to accept this, I want to make it the person I want to be’ instead of focusing on the humanity of everyone in all factions in the entire universe. This is an interesting investigation of power.”

Shankar said that when he watched the final episode directed by Breck Eisner, he was emotional. The episode was nearly 65 minutes, which was nearly 50% longer than a typical episode.

Last season Vast It will premiere on December 10th, and new episodes will be released every Friday.