The Expanse: Telltale series announced, co-developed by Deck 9

Telltale announced The Expanse: A Telltale series, and is co-developing this game with Deck Nine, the studio behind this year’s “Life is Strange: True Colors”.

Announced through the first trailer during The Game Awards in 2021, The Expanse is a prequel to the Amazon TV series of the same name (it is based on Vast Novella series), it will feature Kamina drummer as the protagonist. The drummer occupies an important place in the entire Amazon show. He is the leader of a broken scavenger team in the game. Players must explore the takeout while making difficult decisions that will determine the fate of her crew.

“One of our driving forces is to allow other creative voices to tell their stories in the way that previously defined Telltale games,” Telltale CEO Jamie Ottilie wrote in a press release road. “We really like the work Deck Nine has done and are looking for an IP where we can create stories together. The Expanse is a rich world and both studios are very happy to explore.”

Telltale stated that as a drummer, players must work with people of different personalities on the Artemis spacecraft, fight rebellions, explore places outside the solar system, and make difficult decisions that must be known and loved by Telltale fans.

“Working with an outstanding IP like The Expanse is both daunting and exciting,” said Jeff Litchford, COO of Deck Nine. “We want to choose a character and story that hasn’t been told yet-a character and story that players can truly influence, but it is also loyal to fan books and series. The collaboration with Telltale allows us to tell the most as possible in our efforts When it comes to a good story, think and deal with things from different perspectives that each company brings to the type of adventure.”

According to Telltale, The Expanse: A Telltale series is currently in the early stages of production and is expected to be released on PCs and “leading game consoles” at some point in the future.

This game is the first new IP announced by Telltale, and it is itself a new version of the old Telltale that was basically closed in 2018. Previously, it revealed in the 2019 Game Awards that it is developing “Wolf Among Us 2”.

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