The father of the newborn used his free time to add the trophy to the Bugsnax DLC, but there is still no Peace Walker Platinum

This is a story as old as time.

Some people claim to like the PlayStation trophy– Even if they don’t have Metal Gear – Finding that the game they want to play has no trophy, they will go online and pester those hard-working independent developers until they add a trophy.In this case, that person is Greg Miller, Some people (maybe very few) know from IGN and Kinda Funny.Most people will know that he is a photographer The eliminated hero, shirtless spiderman.

Young Horses, the developer behind Bugsnax, excitedly tweeted its New trailer For the upcoming Bignax Island DLC, Shortly after the trailer played at the PlayStation State of Play show last week. Excitement, joy, joy-the trailer is broadcast live. Look, Who appears in their mention? Greg Miller.

This guy can’t even give the team a “congratulations” or “great trailer”. No, he immediately used “New trophy?” The team replied, “Not this time. Sorry Greg!”

miller Then provide Make the Young Horses list for free (again, he doesn’t even have a Peace Walker Platinum, he behaves like an authority on all trophies here? Oops) and ordered the team to tell PlayStation that they have reconsidered their position on the trophy of Bisnax Island . Young Horses comply, and Two days later, the DLC has a trophy, As originally reported PlayStation lifestyle.

The due credit must be given: Miller did persuade/coerce/force a small independent development team to add a trophy to its upcoming Bugsnax DLC.However, look at the cost: Miller’s Accumulated some strong pressure About how he became the PlayStation Trophy Tour. The next time some developer announces that the game has no trophies, he will definitely use it as “credibility” because they should trust him to make the trophy list.

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