The Final Fantasy 14 team is still working hard to bring the MMO to Xbox, and the discussion has been very active

The team behind Final Fantasy XIV is still working hard to bring the extremely popular MMO to the Xbox console.

Xbox players have been asking for FFXIV for many years. Game director and producer Naoki Yoshida has repeatedly commented on this wish. In February of this year, Yoshida seems to hint that the Xbox version of MMO will eventually happen, Maybe in the distant future.

In a new interview Easy ally, Yoshida provided another update, noting that the discussion is still ongoing, according to reports IGN.

“So it makes me feel bad that I say the same thing every time, but we are still discussing with Microsoft, and I think our conversation is conducted in a positive tone,” Yoshida told Easy Allies. “I don’t want to say that we don’t have an Xbox version, but I hope that some kind of update will be made to players soon.”

Yoshida further commented that he is sure that players want to ask him a lot about the Xbox version of FFXIV, and he also has a lot to share… He just can’t talk about these details right now.

“I believe time will come, so if you can stand by and watch, that would be great,” Yoshida said.

You see-there is no conclusive news that the Xbox version of FFXIV is happening, but it seems more and more likely to be on the road. Let us hope that these discussions remain positive.

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[Source: Easy Allies, IGN]

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