The final trailer for Metroid Dread has everything you need to know

It’s less than a month before Samus Aran’s next adventure, Metroid Fear, And a new game trailer from Nintendo is the ideal way to catch up Metroid Fusion Switch to the sequel.

In June, announced at Nintendo Metroid Fear, Franchise Director Yoshio Sakamoto explained to Polygon and a group of reporters his hopes for what the new Metroid game can provide in the modern era.

“Maybe it’s this sense of fear,” he said. “As I said before, young gamers who have not experienced the series before may see this fear-based gameplay and want to give it a try.”

The new game trailer released on Friday captured this horror. Together with all the classic actions and world navigation mechanisms from previous issues, Metroid Fear A stealth element was added to the mix, and a Sams hunting robot named EMMI was added to the level to ensure that the player’s pulse clock is 160 bpm. Watch the trailer, EMMI’s flexible 2D actions and gold-plated armor are expected to challenge the veterans of the series.

new Metroid Fear The trailer reveals the various actions Samus will use when navigating ZDR, a vibrant Pandora-like planet full of oceans, volcanoes, and other places that require jumping to survive.

For those who know Metroid, this may not be too surprising, but for newcomers who think they have seen everything that side-scrolling can do, Metroid Fear The trailer may chill a person’s back. But as Sakamoto continued in our close-up, in the end, this game is more about overcoming fear through self-confidence, rather than being frightened forever.

“It’s really about Sams experiencing fear,” he said, “but she actually opposed this fear, fighting it and defeating it. This part is very important.”

Metroid Fear Will be released on Nintendo Switch on October 8.