The first official “Spider-Man: Nowhere” poster seems to confirm the movie’s villain

Marvel Pictures and Sony Pictures Entertainment released the first official poster of Spider-Man: No Way Back.

The Multiverse Spider-Man trilogy was set directly after “Spider-Man: Far From Home”. Tom Holland asked Benedict Cumberbatch’s Doctor Strange for help, “The whole world knows I’m a spider Man, this is affecting not only me, but also my friends and family’s predicament, such as The first trailer freed. Doctor Strange used a special spell to hide Peter’s identity again, but this is an MCU movie, so things didn’t go as planned, and the multiverse started.

this The first trailer Let’s take a look at Alfred Molina’s Doc Ock in the movie. Some fans speculate that a version of the Green Devils can also be heard (many people think this is William Remy’s Spider-Man movie). The goblin played by Dafoe). The newly released “No Way” poster seems to almost confirm the return of Dafoe’s goblin.

If you look at the sky on the right side of the poster, you can clearly see what the Green Devil is. Now, technically, it can be anyone’s goblin, but look at the glider design, armor and mask/headgear-this is very similar to Dafoe’s goblin in the first Remy Spider-Man movie.

Elsewhere in the poster, it seems to confirm other rumors about the villain who has no way back home, although not as clear as its goblin confirmation. This poster seems to confirm that Electro and Sandman are the villains in the upcoming movie. The last time we saw Electro on the big screen was Jaime Foxx’s interpretation of the characters in The Amazing Spider-Man 2.Rumors and There are reports that he will return to the role No way home, But has not yet received any official confirmation. The lightning on this poster seems to do just that, especially when combined with the more electronic scenes in the first trailer.

Then there is the sand in the poster. Coupled with the sand image seen in the first “No Way To Go” trailer, it seems almost guaranteed that Sandman will appear in the movie.Now we need to know if it will be Thomas Harden Church’s Sandman in the third Remy Spider-Man movie-a recent report from bookworm, However, It does show that it is indeed Church’s Sandman.

“Spider-Man: Homeless” will be released on December 17.

What do you think of this poster? Are there any details we missed? Please let us know in the comments below!