The first Ragnarok movie, God of War, ends the impressive PlayStation show

Except for the God of War Ragnorok, no one can make headlines in a showcase like the streaming media from the Playstation brand today. Both Kratos and his son Atreus will return to the sequel, as well as some other faces from the previous game. Well, one of them is just a face.

Atreus is worried that Fimbulwinter will enter the prophetic Ragnarok, but he wants to explore the world and learn more about his and Loki’s identities-those who have completed the 2018 God of War will know what he is talking about. Kratos warned him that his curiosity led to the war with Asgard and the gods themselves, which he was too familiar with.

The environment is as snowy as some early areas in the prequel. Once, Kratos and Atreus were shown dog sledding on a frozen lake, which seemed to be a hub area that Kratos had explored before. Mimir, the beheaded travel companion of the duo clings to Kratos’ hips again, and I am very happy to see him return to the cast.

A new addition, although there are a lot of hints in “God of War”, is, um…from the God of War in Norse mythology, Tyre. We also took a quick shot of Thor facing Kratos and Atreus, asking if Kratos is a calm and rational person, which is very interesting. At the end of the trailer, I also caught a glimpse of a new character, a young woman, who promised to answer some questions from the off-screen character.

Kratos’ arsenal is displayed in battles in some games. His reliable Chaos Blade is back, and he has a grappling hook technician as he travels through the world. There are also shields and the incredibly versatile Leviathan’s axe from previous adventures.

God of War Ragnarok will land on PlayStation 5 and PlayStation 4 at some point in the future, but no date for this new trailer was given. At the same time, if you have a PS5, please use the next-generation patch to play “God of War 2018”. It is worth going up the mountain again. I promise.

How do Kratos and his growing son look in the new trailer? Are you happy to see who returns and debuts at Ragnorok? Who do you think is dubbing Thor? We are not sure yet, but I know you have some great ideas to share in the comments.