The first season of Battlefield 2042 is coming next year

Battlefield 2042 It will be released soon, aiming to bring classic high-intensity destruction to modern game consoles and PCs.As a real-time service game, it will still exist for a long time after the November 19th release date, but we won’t actually hear about it Season one The content is up to next year.

In a recent Battlefield Briefing blog post published on the EA website, there has been a short paragraph at the bottom of the title “What Happens After Release” detailing the seasonal aspects of “Battlefield 2042”. Just the beginning. “

Pledge not only to continue to support the new “Battlefield” with new content, but also to “enhance the experience of “Battlefield” by continuing to develop the seasons of the “Battlefield 2042″ world.”

The post continued: “In the first year of our live broadcast service, we will launch four seasons, including four battle passes, four new experts, new locations, and more fresh content. We also plan to provide updates for the Battlefield Portal, Provide players with more ways to build and share new battlefield experiences with the world.”

“This means that for Season 1, as the story of “Battlefield 2042″ continues to unfold, you can expect new experts, battle passes and portal content, and you may even see some new attractions. Expect more at the beginning of next year. detail.”

Not to imply that all good things will appear in the future. At the end of this section, it is pointed out that the pre-season-a period of time from release to early 2022-will include weekly tasks and rewards, a limited time mode, and an experience that you can get through the battlefield portal.

It will be interesting to see the performance of “Battlefield”, because the series has already boarded the seasonal content train, presumably after crashing a helicopter into it. DICE has always been good at keeping the game alive by injecting new maps and other features over time through more traditional DLC packages, so I hope they can convert their typical practices into this fresher format.

Perhaps this Levolution is exactly the wave they need to make waves in other FPS games.

If you are a PC player and are eager to join this new entry in the “Battlefield” series, we have prepared pre-loaded sizes and specifications for you to view. We also provide a list of impressions of early reviews of Battlefield 2042, so you can check if the game is right for you before buying.