The first thing we want to do in the GTA remake

“Grand Theft Auto 3” was exciting in 2001. At that time, 3D games were just beginning to become popular in rooms and corridors—it was only three years after the original Half-Life—and unlike most games, it was a complete city. It’s not science fiction, fantasy, or children’s stuff. This is rude. Have an oath. You can crush people indiscriminately, but unlike the post which disrupts the media with purely meaningless violence, it takes place in a world where people live, a world that seems to be able to operate without you.

Can GTA 3 stick to it today? It may not be as good as Vice City or San Andreas. How they perform is a problem in itself, but we would love to know how they feel in the remastered GTA trilogy series released later this year. Here are the moments we most look forward to revisiting:

Flying the Dodo in GTA 3