The first trailer of Outlander Season 6 shows the Christie family

The actors and ideas behind OutsiderThis Starz dominates the supernatural romantic epic, gathered together in physical and virtual aspects, previewing new trailers and some tantalizing Season 6 details at the 2021 New York Comic Con. The most important of these is, especially for book readers, that the Christie family will arrive in Fraser Ridge this season and trigger some conflicting news.

Although this family first appeared in the fifth book of the Diana Gabaldon series, Fiery cross, They will make their debut in season 6-mainly an adaptation of the sixth book, The breath of snow and ashWhen asked about the adaptations most anticipated this season, Gabarden smiled gloomily and said a lot, but the Christies are most likely to be appreciated by fans.

“You will love them, you will hate them,” said Sam Xiuhan, who played Jamie in the series and participated in the panel discussion in person. Gabaldon and Starz executive producer Maril Davis joined him personally. Actors Katliona Balff (Claire), Lauren Lyle (Marsali MacKimmie), Cesar Donboy (Fergus) and John Bell (Young Ian) joined the virtual ranks.

“We have this family, Christies, and they came to Ridge,” Heughan explained. “Initially they integrated into the new community, but soon we began to see a lot of history between Tom and Jamie really began to disintegrate or rot under everyone’s skin, what Claire and Jamie built on Fraser Ridge.”

The short trailer shows the first glance of the Christie family in action.This family consists of three newcomers Outsider clan. Welsh actor Mark Lewis Jones (Mark Lewis Jones)London Gangster, The Witcher 2 & 3) Will play the patriarch Tom, Jessica Reynolds (The Curse of Audrey Earnshaw) As Malva and Alexander Vlahos (Merlin, Palace of Versailles) Is Allen. For those who are not familiar with these books, the exact family relationship between Tom, Malva, and Allen is a bit spoiler. When the family first came to the Jamie and Claire property in North Carolina as a tenant, everything might not be what it seemed.

“They’re just a strange little family,” Huon concluded. “On-screen and off-screen.”

Christie is not the only family that the Fraser family needs to worry about in Season 6. In answering fans’ questions, Huon also assured everyone that the Brown family was “very dangerous,” “strong,” and still a great threat. Of course, there is also the imminent American revolution, and the knowledge that Jamie will eventually have to cross borders to stand on the right side of history. Although the number of episodes in Season 6 has been shortened, with only 8 new episodes in early 2022, the team members agreed that it feels longer, more intense, and even traumatic to some extent. Looking forward to the arrival of the new season.