The following are your expectations for the new season of Rainbow Six Siege

The latest season of Rainbow Six Siege is coming soon, titled Crystal Guardian, It hopes to change the status quo through new content, transformation, map rework and balance. If you are looking for a good reason to reinvest in Ubisoft’s tactical shooter game, now may be the time.

This season is led by Osa, the 61st operator of the game. The new attacker provides new bulletproof options for the attacker. Her Talon-8 acts as a transparent shield and can be moved as needed. You can take it with you to take care of yourself, or you can use it on windows and floors to provide you with a bulletproof glass to solve the problem.

However, it’s not just Osa that was reorganized into the list. Crystal Guard will bring a series of new map transformations. Banks, clubs and coastlines have seen efforts to create a more balanced competitive environment. The bank has already worked on its skylights and vehicle back lanes to reduce the level of annoyance when entering. Barricades can be set up on all windows of the clubhouse, and the outer wall of the VIP lounge can now be broken. Coastline new props, even bomb points for players to jump in and learn all the information.

There are also operator balances to help change some power levels. With the change of her electronic detector, IQ has been improved, and now it is equipped with Ping System 2.0. This allows her to identify and ping electronic devices through walls, including those held by operators.

Fuze saw an interesting gain. Cluster Charge can now be deployed on reinforced surfaces. However, when passing through a reinforced surface, the grenade will take longer to deploy. Twitch also saw some work, because now she is flying a standard drone in the preparation phase, and her Shock Drone is equipped in the action phase.

Since his signal jammer is now spherical and will be displayed for 2.5 seconds after deployment, the mute has also been inspired.

If you like operating fashion, then the quality of life will also change slightly, because you can now equip any headwear with an elite uniform, and vice versa. Of course, this will be supported by the new cosmetics that appear in the new battle pass.

Crystal Guard is launched on all platforms today, so if you have a siege, why not? Jump in to see the new changes for myself?