The Fortnite-Dune crossover provides us with Zendaya and Ornithopters

Not surprisingly, dune Is the next big crossover Fortress night. Insider HYPEX leaked nine themed projects On Monday morning, Timothée Chalamet, the hero of the movie, Hit Instagram There is a story showing his character Paul Atreides (Paul Atreides) in the battle royale equipment.

These items include the skins of Paul and Chani, their backs (neither look different, tbh), the “Sand Walk” emoji, Twinblades as a harvesting tool, and a lively loading screen. However, probably the most suitable items are flapping wing gliders (but of course) and Maker Hooks harvesting tools. Either it is the center square on anyone’s cross bingo card.

dune Premiere on October 22. There is no specific release date for these items, but it is certain that they will be available soon.When they do, HYPEX says they will Two bundles are provided.

Chalamet (and his unruly hair) starred in Chani with Zendaya dune, The first 10 minutes we saw in IMAX in July (warning, spoiler). Director Dennis Villeneuve is seeking to break through a dense classic and 55 years of inertia, which makes Frank Herbert’s epic away from the success of mainstream movies.