The fortress in Overwatch 2 will be very different

After the announcement in 2019, “Overwatch 2” gradually faded out of the shadows and reappeared several times just for some small announcements and details. Blizzard now seems to be focusing again on this highly anticipated sequel and delving into how some heroes are redesigned.

A few days ago, Blizzard released a video (pictured below) showing how Somra made changes to the sequel. Her hack can still disable hero abilities, and she can also use it to reveal their location to her teammates. Even more impressive is that Sombra can carry out hacking attacks in stealth mode.

Sombra still looks similar to her Overwatch 1 potential, but it may not be the case for Bastion. In a new video (above), Blizzard shows us how this cute robot can play very differently. The ultimate attack of the fortress is now shelling. After activation, the fortress will lock on the ground and release the remote barrage, and the player can manually pinpoint the map from the angle of the head.

The fort can no longer repair itself, which means the healer needs to be nearby. The fort now has more firepower and can fire tactical grenades, which can bounce off walls and stick to enemies. The grenade has a large radius, and when a team tries to stand on a spot to capture it, it can cause serious damage. The fort’s reconnaissance weapon also has zero proliferation and can function like a sniper rifle (just without a scope). Finally, the fort can be moved in sentinel mode to cause rolling death, but this comes at a price-the fort can only stay in this state for 8 seconds, and has a 10 second cooldown after ejecting.

We still don’t know when “Overwatch 2” will be released, but Blizzard’s move to release more information may herald this date soon. Our guess is early 2022.