The Foundation, played by Dwayne ‘The Rock’ Johnson, is now unlockable in Fortnite

If you’ve ever wanted more of Dwayne ‘The Rock’ Johnson in your life, Fortnite might be the way to go, since you can now play him, or at least one of his characters, in Battle Royale.

More specifically, you can now unlock Foundations in Fortnite with the Chapter 3 Season 1 Battle Pass. If you’re not familiar with the Foundation, he’s one of the ongoing protagonists of Fortnite’s overall narrative. He was last seen wrestling Jones from Dr. Sloan’s grasp at the end of season 2, and while a giant Foundation statue stands on the island, he’s been more of a low-key character since then .

Something tells us you’ll see more of The Foundation in Fortnite. Before you and others can take on the role of Johnson, you’ll need to pass his recruiting test to collect his outfits, styles, emotes, and other items in the Seven. Here are the tasks you need to complete:

Page 1 of Foundation Missions: Complete Page 1 missions in any order.

  • Maintain the surrounding: Visit the Monument of Power, the Seven Outposts, and the Refuge to unlock Foundation gear.
  • Show the element of surprise: Snipe opponents with a sniper rifle while crouching to unlock the Foundation’s Mantle Back Bling.
  • keep your enemies close: Deal 100 melee damage to the opponent to unlock the Foundation’s Plasma Spike Pickaxe.
  • Raid IO Armory: Search three chests or ammo crates in the Hidden Cave to unlock the Foundation’s Fortune emoji.
  • ready anytime: Use four shield potions in one match to unlock the true base spray
  • Never be too proud to ask for help: Hire a character and travel 1000 meters with them to unlock the base package.

After completing all page 1 missions, you will unlock page 2 of the Foundation mission.

Page 2 of Foundation Missions: Complete Page 2 missions in any order.

  • A warm welcome to the new IO officers: Assist in killing Gunnar to unlock Tactical Visor Toggle Emote The Foundation Outfit’s Unmasked Style.
  • Make the most of what you have: Deal 500 headshot damage to players with common or uncommon weapons to unlock the Combat Elite Foundation Goggles.
  • occupy the commanding heights: Deal 1000 damage to an opponent from above with a shotgun or submachine gun to unlock the Tactical Basic Mask.
  • Stock up at Outpost and get ready: Land at seven outposts, then complete the top 10 to unlock the Rocket Wing Glider.

“In order to complete all Foundation missions, you’ll unlock the Fighting Style for the Foundation Outfit and the Back Bling for the Foundation Cape, the Foundation Fire Style for the Foundation’s Plasma Spike Pickaxe, and the Ultimate Foundation Visor,” Epi​ ​c Games press release read. “Foundation quests can now be found in the ‘Quests’ page if you won the Chapter 3 Season 1 Battle Pass. Quests are available throughout the remainder of the season.”

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