The frog chair finally came to the new horizons of animal crossing

On this blessing day of Animal Crossing News, an earth-shattering revelation stands out: The Frog Chair is coming to Animal Crossing New Horizons.

The long-awaited furniture item was teased in the free update section of Nintendo’s Animal Crossing Direct for about 11 minutes. It was placed in the corner of the room casually, smiling peacefully, as if its existence did not make the world thousands of people. Ten thousand people were shocked by their core.

For the Animal Crossing community, the frog chair is more than just a cute little seat. Since the game was released in March 2020, they have been ruthless about its absence.

In previous animal crossing games, the frog chair can be purchased from Tom Nook and Timmy and Tommy’s stores, which shows that you have to wait painfully for it to appear in Nook’s Cranny in New Horizons.

A new batch of items will be released in Nooks Cranny, and Froggy Chair may be one of them.

More likely, the Animal Crossing Forum will save money because people ask for a ransom from the king to visit their island, and they have a frog chair in stock.

Another item in the classic Froggy Set, Lily-pad table, was not shown during the Direct, but it did not have the same demand seen by its giggling cousin.

Starting from November 5th, you can finally put on dirty gloves on your Froggy chair, and the Animal Crossing 2.0 update for all players will drop.

There are more things next to everyone’s favorite smiling amphibious friend, but why do you want something else? In addition to the much-anticipated comeback features such as Brewster’s Cafe, shopping plaza and gyroscope, the fully paid DLC expansion “Happy House Paradise” is also declining.

Happy Home Paradise seems to bundle Happy Home Designer derivatives into the main game, where you can create new rooms and houses for villagers.