The Frontier Update of No Man’s Sky has interesting settlements, but the residents are flat

Unmanned skyThe new Frontiers update adds an interesting new element to the game: the opportunity to discover troubled towns and provide them with the civic guidance they desperately need. Frontiers was released with the 3.6 patch in early September and did not fundamentally change the space exploration game, but it adds a nice texture to your usual rounds of exploring planets, completing missions, and fighting sentries.There is only one problem: I want to be friends with my townspeople, and Unmanned sky Can’t completely let me do this.

When I show up in my new border town of Sporeholm, the Vy’keen aliens will wave to me and give me a few lines of dialogue. They thank me for my service or complain about sentry robots attacking them. I can hardly see the influence of their status in their lives. Recruit Turka will be “planned” or “satisfied with the supervisor’s latest decision,” while planetary experts may be “uncomfortable with accommodation” or “considering revenge.” These are interesting-or a little ominous-but there is not much meat on the bones.

Yes, me too, buddy.
Image: Hello game through polygon

Once I had a firm foothold, I started to manage my settlement. I must track the happiness and safety of my person in charge and make economic decisions about the future of the town. Am I building a beautiful shopping area or a weapons factory? It’s interesting to watch the town slowly expand, from a small shipwreck to a huge metropolis with a spaceport and a booming economy. My settlement is a cool atmosphere and a place to take pictures, so I am very happy to visit them. After visiting a world full of storms and volcanoes, it is great to have a safe harbor.

The problem is that everyone who lives there is terrible.I don’t want this to become a game Crusader King 3, But resolving conflicts and making my citizens happy is superficial and simple. I checked my terminal and saw a conflict: a scientist said that another person ripped him off, and the game told me that the defendant had a history of rudeness. I have to make a call here, and there is not a lot of data to process. I want to talk to this suspected thief, ask him some questions, or pay for the scientist out of my own pocket, but these options are not available. Instead, I herd cats here and make a simple choice to blame someone so that I can get them all out of my hair.

No Man's Sky-A screenshot of the current status of the settlement, showing economic factors and progress.

Image: Hello Games published by Polygon

Once, I sent a small group of Vijen fighters on a desperate expedition to counterattack their sentries. The expedition failed and I lost two citizens. I don’t feel anything. How can I? The game never gave me the opportunity to contact them.

There may also be several hours of downtime between activities and construction operations, so you will not complete construction tasks and resolve disputes in a hurry. On the contrary, it is a kind of drip irrigation.When you have several different settlements and other priorities to deal with Unmanned sky, It worked. However, when you are just starting and trying to see what the update provides, it will feel slow and not much rewarding. I hope Hello Games will continue to build on these systems and I can have a town full of friends.