The future Cyberpunk 2077 patch and DLC will be pushed to 2022

This will be before 2022 Cyberpunk 2077 Receive any new updates, patches or DLC according to CD Projekt Red.

News in this regard is posted on the official website through the updated roadmap released below.

In the FAQCDP pointed out that there will be more talk about future content decline in the coming months, and the roadmap shows that the above-mentioned updates and patches are scheduled for sometime in the first quarter of next year.

The first batch of free DLC was released with Patch 1.3 in August. It contains another look of Johnny Silverhand, two new jackets and Archer Quartz “Bandit”.

The latest update patch 1.31 for the game was released in September. It fixes the appearance of the road, adjusts the enemy’s stealth detection speed, fixes the missing description in the UI, and solves the problem that players cannot get in-game registration rewards.

The roadmap also pointed out that the next-generation version of the game will also be released in the first quarter, but this is not the new information that CDP said last week.

As of press time, the reason why there is no update from now to the rest of this year has not been provided.