The future of communication in Metaverse

Roblox’s Metaverse vision is to create a platform for immersive shared experiences where people can gather together to learn, work, play, create, and socialize in millions of 3D experiences. Building a rich community based on shared experiences is the core of this vision and the driving force behind Roblox’s path forward. When we build an attractive civil community in which people establish real connections, we are envisioning the future of communication inside and outside the meta-universe.

At Roblox, we believe that Metaverse is suitable for everyone, so the communication skills we create must also be suitable for everyone. Different users will have different communication needs based on their context. Our vision for communications has the potential to transcend digital boundaries; therefore, when we realize this vision, we are deliberately ensuring communications security.

Three basic principles guide us to achieve future communication methods on Roblox. First, communication skills must be rooted in the way we communicate in the real world, especially in immersive 3D experiences. For example, we raise our voice to reach people far away, we speak in a low voice when we want to be cautious, we change our way of communication based on whether we are alone or with others, we use gestures and facial expressions to add nuance and emotion. Our words.

Second, the way we communicate in the meta-universe is not limited by physical reality. When you experience on Roblox, we envision that you will be able to communicate with others in the experience, just like talking to someone in a park. At the same time, you will be able to have conversations with friends elsewhere on the platform. For example, you might have a three-way conversation with someone around you in the experience, and a three-way conversation with another friend on the bus on the way home in the real world. These conversations will be able to continue uninterrupted as you transition from different experiences to different experiences or when your conversation partner comes and goes from your experience. You can also seamlessly switch between communication modes, from text to voice, to video, making it immersive. In fact, different participants in a conversation may choose the most convenient way of communication based on their context.

Third, maintaining a digital civilian and security platform is essential. Virtual communication should be subject to the same constraints that we exercise in the real world. Context is important here: in fact, your private conversations with friends (whether text messages, phone conversations, or face-to-face conversations) may be less filtered than group chats in public places (such as restaurants). Roblox is the same, it will provide 1:1 communication, communication with groups and close friends, and public communication.

Virtual communication will also be naturally regulated by the same forms that exist in the real world. Continuing our restaurant example, if you yell at someone during a public meal, people around you will most likely ask you to be quiet, or depending on how offensive you are, you will be asked to leave. Roblox will have similar consequences: our community will be able to self-regulate and flag users who do not comply with the community standards, and the user may be removed from the experience or lose the right to speak. The meta-universe is an extension and enhancement of reality, and the civilization standards we adhere to in the real world must continue to the digital world.

These principles led to the release of Spatial Voice today as an invitation-only beta, for selected members of our developer community. We hope to work with our community to develop Spatial Voice so that developers can achieve true, safe and easy integration in all Roblox experiences. With Spatial Voice, Roblox creators will begin testing development experiences in which conversations can occur in a realistic way, reflecting the way we listen to and respond to the world around us every day.

As Metaverse continues to evolve and bring people together in new, unexpected and exciting ways, Roblox expects that communication will play an increasingly indispensable role. We are setting out to develop this long-term vision for future communications because it allows us to measure and think through our methods. This will allow us to introduce features that meet the needs of the Roblox community, maintain our digital civilization standards, and include the necessary protection measures to protect users of all ages. We believe that the right combination of communication functions and security measures will further enhance the shared experience of Metaverse, and we are eager to cooperate with our community to make these functions a reality.