The future of Dragon Age 4 and Sedas

Dragon Age 4 is taking Thedas fans into the world of video game franchise Tevinter. The related novels and cartoons took us deep into the society built on the lower abdomen of power-driven wizards and the backs of slaves, but the game itself is this vast through the characters encountered throughout the franchise. We were introduced to Fenris in Dragon Age 2. A fugitive slave, a magician who used the magic of blood was able to make fun of his kind-faced horror. We were later fascinated by Dorian Pavus at the Inquisition, an Altus on his way to becoming a sorcerer. A compassionate personality is committed to understanding what went wrong with his compatriots while learning important lessons about his problematic upbringing. He was also the victim of a blood ritual attempted by his father as Tewinter despised homosexuality. In the same game, I also met Cremisius “Krem” Akrasi, a transgender soldier stuck in the middle of slavery.

The game up to this point has portrayed what Tewinter looks like, and the horrifying pictures of Antiva roaming the bloody story of life there through the assassin Zebran. Many of this corner of Sedas Investigated and completely ignored. This paradox became even more apparent in Blue Wraith’s latest comic series, which features killing slave owners and wizards to regain their hometown of Tewinter.

But more than learning about these various parts of Sedas, the true meaning revealed in the hearing about the origin of magic, Brights, and the collapse of ancient elves is a complete folklore that we thought we knew. Changed. In the third game, folklore ones, Dread Wolf, and curve balls about the death of the elite society were thrown one after another. Regarding the area of ​​fades and mages, I also learned about creating the veil itself, a place in another world that is heavily set in the game.

What makes Dragon Age 4 so exciting is the potential to connect the many loose ends that are stretched between the game and its printed companion. A small beginning of Dragon Age Origins.

BioWare had previously published concept art, which had a fellow Mortalitasi, or at least a key character in Mortalitasi, hinting at the potential to bring the front and center of Nevarran Death Magic. This will be an opportunity to go beyond the anime-style film that portrays the beginnings of Cassandra Pentegust before Cassandra Pentegast met at Dragon Age II and then became a companion at Dragon Age Inquisition.

Especially given the teaser trailer with lots of Tevinter interior and zenith-covered buildings unveiled at The Game Awards 2020, all fan theories, unanswered questions, and a whole new exploration area have a chance to shine in Dragon Age 4. There is magic. Hopefully, this is a game intended to be a love letter to fans who have visited Thedas for years, and anyone interested in exploring other media to celebrate the iconic BioWare franchise. It can be an incredible motivation for you.

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