The Game Awards is becoming the biggest single game event this year

The game award is inseparable from its founder, host, and all-round marketing machine Geoff Keighley. His willingness to turn any moment into a business opportunity has earned him notoriety among members of the gaming community. This is also one of the key elements in the gradual transformation of The Game Awards into something that seems to be bigger than when it was first announced in 2014.

Keighley has established a personal brand, which is definitely catnip for publishers.

At that time, I learned about Keighley mainly from his history in GameSpot (where he was Delivery visit Like everyone else) and the Spike Video Game Awards, this is a fancy and more exaggerated form. The Spike Awards have advertisements, there are ugly awards, and it’s a trivial matter. Nothing comes close to what a game award will become, but it is significant.