The game that motivates me to get up and get better

Sometimes we all need to cheer up to get rid of the tramp, get the job done and improve ourselves. This inspiring call to action can be found in various places, including video games. If you are looking for interesting forms of encouragement when you start drafting New Year’s resolutions, here are some games that can inspire me to get better in some way.

Gangster: Like a dragon

Ichiban Kasuga knows how to make lemonade with lemon heads. This guy spent 18 years in prison. After being released, he must face the reality of being abandoned and homeless (the game solves this problem well). However, Ichiban did not waste time and gloomy, but eagerly began to rebuild his life from scratch, collecting canned cash and applying for a job with inspiring perseverance. What I like most is that he accepts any available work and does not let pride hinder his work. For someone who was once proud to be associated with an organized murder gang, Ichiban has a great mind on his shoulders, and the attitude he can do is contagious.

Animal Crossing: New Horizons

Earlier this year, I started “Animal Crossing: New Horizons” instead of checking my phone. It not only makes me feel happy from the beginning, but also keeps my creativity and productivity flowing. When I finished weeding and tidying up the house, I was mentally prepared to deal with the to-do list in real life. For any farmer there, I think this has a similar appeal to doing housework at dawn, except for sweating less. Animal Crossing: New Horizons reminded me that the inspection task is its own reward.

Shadow of giant

The Shadow of the Colossus feels like a video game, equivalent to the inspirational poster that once occupied the office lounge. Beautiful pictures, big statements; you know those. Nothing can stimulate the feeling of “I can conquer anything” more than turning a living Titan into a relatively ant-sized person and knocking them down. As long as I ignore the melancholy of killing a majestic creature for no reason, that’s it. The shadow of the colossus made me feel the power that only video games can do. If I can bring down the flying snake, I can cope with the long-distance running in the afternoon.


Madeline’s climb to the Celeste Mountain not only tested my physical strength (it was a tough race), but also tested my mental determination. The dangerous journey forces the character to confront her inner demon in the way many of us hope. Professor Celeste’s valuable lesson on how to deal with and accept the darkness within us all; when I reached the top, I couldn’t help feeling that I had overcome some troubles. Celeste is a powerful motivation to face my anxiety head-on.

Death stranded

When you get rid of the weird ink monsters, silly dialogues, and absurd narratives, Death Stranding is really about a delivery person-that’s when the game is at its best. In the process of accepting work, stacking packages in the right way, drawing routes, and traveling long distances, there are things that keep me productive. Just like a real mountaineering, because of my ingenuity, I succeeded in reaching a remote preparer, and I felt a real sense of accomplishment. Falling is terrible (especially BB screaming in my ears), but everything in the game is to dust yourself off and get up no matter what difficulties you encounter. Keep going.

Ring suitable for adventure

Fitness software should always inspire action, but Ring Fit Adventure does a great job and keeps me away from my ass. Not only is it a really fun game, but it also keeps me on track brilliantly. When a new exercise is required, a predetermined alarm will notify the player. Inspiring information and useful tips have been a great help in maintaining my enthusiasm. In addition, the game saves me from my stubborn ego by providing regular increase/decrease in difficulty in case I get stuck or cannot handle the exercise.

That’s all I have, but please tell me in the comments which games will inspire you to become better and why.