The god of Genshin Impact and get a chilling new character demo

This is a good start of the year Primordial shock Fans, because we just got a new character demo for the upcoming cyropolearm-user today Shenhe! This short video formally introduces us to the cold exorcist, provides us with a glimpse of the mix of film and gameplay, and gives us a glimpse of all her content.

The video (you can watch it below) starts with the Exorcist Chongyun hunting down the Abyssal Mage before being caught off guard. This is where Shenhe intervenes, using her cold avatar to stop the incoming ambush and destroy the invading enemy.

Digging a little deeper into the gameplay, unfortunately, we don’t know much, but we can pick out a few aspects of her toolkit. As mentioned before, Shenhe is a user of frozen polearms. We have many shots to see her sweeping the enemy while they remain still. In addition, we also saw the low-temperature avatar she used to sprint the enemy, and we can definitely think that this will be the main part of her offensive toolkit, providing her with a good crowd control effect.

The community’s response was an explosion of positive emotions surrounding God’s latest views.Just take a quick look at the game’s official Reddit and you will see Top posts are a special moment between God and Chongyun, And the comments were full of excitement surrounding the family relationship between the two.

For those who are excited to get the chilling list of new members in Genshin Impact, you don’t have to wait long: as part of the new wish banner, Shinwa will be with Genshin Impact version 2.4 on January 5 Publish together.

If you want to know what kind of weapon and team composition is most suitable for Kamikaze, we now have Kamikaze version for reading. If you are looking for some free primo gems to help protect this exciting new character, be sure to also check out our Genshin Impact free primo gems page!