The Gunk will be released in December

Thunderful Games recently announced a series of game premieres and announcements at its Thunderful World event, the most interesting of which is Slimy person It is scheduled for December 16. First announced last year and developed by the same team as the SteamWorld series, The Gunk provides developers with a new universe to explore and experiment.

Gunk is centered on two space porters, Rani and Becks, who land on a strange planet full of precious resources they hope to develop. But they also found that the nominal rubbish killed life on earth and faced a “moral dilemma” in the process.

Released along with the first details of the game is a trailer showing the alien world that players will explore. The lush and vibrant trash-free environment conflicts with the trash itself. In the game section of the trailer, it appears to be attracted by special vacuum-like equipment.

Since SteamWorld Dig launched its outstanding catalog, the image and form of the developer has been rolling. Since then, the series has continued to bring fresh gameplay in various genres and settings. Although it has been included under the umbrella of Thunderful Games, its name still adds luster to their games. Gunk represents the developer’s first major release outside of the SteamWorld series, no matter how you segment it, this is an exciting prospect.

The Gunk will be released exclusively for Xbox One, Xbox Series X/S and PC on December 16.