The halo Christmas event “Winter Emergency” starts today

Halo infinite Is about to usher in the first Christmas event, Winter emergency, Starting today. This holiday preparation event gives players the opportunity to unlock 10 suitable holiday rewards, which will last until January 4th. From today to December 30th, new rewards will be released every day. These rewards will include armor fragments, nameplates, emblems, armor attachments Spartan and weapon coatings, and a special background.

So how do you get these attractive rewards? Well, just complete one arena or big team battle every day. Fans who are addicted to the magic of Halo know that this is Infinite’s second multiplayer event. Last month, the samurai-themed Fracture: Tenrai made its debut.

So far, with the success of the game, the first season of “Halo Infinity” has been extended to May 2022. According to the creative director of Halo Infinite, the reason behind the decision was to give Bunge “more time to ensure that Season 2 meets our high quality standards.” Joseph StatenOn the bright side, Staten stated that 343 will strengthen Season 1 to compensate

“We took this opportunity to add additional activities, customizations, and other content in Season 1 to make the experience from start to finish enriched.”

The cheers of Spartan Christmas became enthusiastic after the discovery of a save-damaging error, and many players have completely lost their campaign progress. However, in the slightly exciting Christmas halo-related news, you can watch the three Gregorian monks turn the halo theme into some kind of epic Christmas carol. Happy chief, once and for all.