The Halo Infinite battle pass is terrible, 343 is processing it

this Halo infinite The Battle Pass has proven to be a unified player in the Halo Infinite community. A far cry from the leveling system in the previous installments of 343 Industries’ famous sci-fi FPS, the new method is accompanied by new changes to the typical seasonal pass you see in most new multiplayer versions.

For those of you who haven’t seen it yet, Halo Infinite’s Battle Pass is a hundred levels of free and paid content. In order to pass the pass, players need to complete a set of daily and weekly goals, after which they can earn Battle Pass XP. Sounds pretty standard so far, right? It is no different from the fully acceptable battle pass in other games such as Apex Legends.

The question is how much XP you got. Progress feels like a glacier In Halo Infinite, for many people, higher-level rewards are nothing more than mirages, which can only be seen when squinting through the desert of long and busy work. As you might expect, this has caused many people to express dissatisfaction with the new system. The Halo Infinite Reddit moderator even created a Dedicated large thread For those who have complaints about the progress of the game.

As a multiplayer beta, it is obvious that all the content in the game has not been completely locked. Brian Jarred, Community Director, 343 Industries, Post on Twitter Confirm that the team has clearly heard the voice of the player group and is paying close attention to the progress of the battle pass.

“For reference only, the team is studying the progress of the Warrior Pass and collecting data from yesterday’s meeting. We will share updates. Please continue to share feedback and raise the flag when you see them.”

This only appeared after a week Halo Waypoint Update Post Similar community concerns about progress were raised, especially asking for an additional path. “Besides, there are a lot of requirements to establish an additional career development system. We also hope to do this. This is the top priority of our team, but it takes time to do this well, which may mean that it will not be as much as you People want it to be as fast as possible.”

It continued: “When we think about what our team needs to build, it’s a lot to add a new and progressive system on top of everything else. Build a reliable design, well-implemented, top-notch UXUI demonstration, thorough testing, and time polishing The progress system will take some time, and we hope to get it done.”

However, not all doom and frustration. Although progress is slow, it is worth noting that the first season of Halo Infinite is very long and will end in May 2022. This allows the developers of 343 Industries to have enough time to solve this problem. Judging from multiple statements, this matter seems to be done!

In addition, the battle passes in Halo Infinite will not disappear after the end of the season. They are a permanent progression path that you can choose and deal with at any time. This means that there is no rush to climb the various levels in the battle pass. If nothing changes, those players who are motivated enough to work hard to reach the highest level of the Battle Pass will be able to do so without a deadline hanging on them.

For now, the battle pass seems to be the most obvious problem in the multiplayer experience. If we are looking for a silver lining in all of this, the release of the multiplayer beta will undoubtedly allow 343 to collect a lot of data and rush to solve the problem. Imagine if we won’t get it until December. Now, we just need to deal with it.

This discussion came a day after 343 Industries suddenly released a multiplayer beta version to players via Xbox consoles and Steam before the full game was released in December. The initial number of players was shocking, reaching a peak of 272,000 concurrent players on Steam alone.